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But Paraguay turned it around in the second half; he discounted with a goal against Lautaro Cano (58), Diego Torres tied it (72) and Diego Duarte (86) scored the 3-2 Guarani with a powerful shot.

The South American duel began with high pressure from Paraguay, with the idea of ​​not leaving the initiative to Argentina, but the Argentine national team settled better with the passage of minutes from a more tedious game. Paraguay tried to attack more quickly, in search of Torres and Duarte, but it was the Argentine team that hit first. He arrived for the first time at risk with a shot from Palacios from the crescent that forced the rival goalkeeper to stretch. Immediately came the 1-0: Vera overflowed on the right and a comfortable center for Zeballos’s header behind the back of the Guaraní defense and from González’s near post.

With the advantage, Argentina became the owner, from the game and the psychological, of the development of the match, which allowed him to go to rest even more calmly when Francisco Flores combed a free kick launched by Palacios that Bruno Amione did not reach but did Matías Godoy, Atlético Rafaela’s scorer, who with a low and crossed shot, from right to left, put a 2 to 0 at that point, totally justified.

But in the second stage everything was going to change, to the regret of Argentina and the euphoria of Paraguay, based on the successes in the modifications made by Morinigo, the coach of the “Guaraníes”.

It is that the entry of Matías Segovia by the “chiquilín” Fernando Ovelar (15 years old) gave greater consistency to the attacks of the Paraguayans, who, through good management of the newcomer, reached the discount when his final auction bounced Argentine goalkeeper Rocco Ríos, hit Cano and ended up entering a few centimeters into the Albiceleste goal, something that the referee had to corroborate through the VAR.

Driven by that conquest, Paraguay was drawn by its historically most powerful weapon: the aerial game.

And in one of the many centers he threw on the Argentine area, which was affected by the discount and began to fear for his partial victory, giving too much ground to his rival in possession of the ball, it fell into the area to Torres, who defined with a half turn that was nailed next to the left post of the albiceleste goal.

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